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DAY CARE SERVICES – Now Available!

Single Day Field Pass


A full day of play for your pup! Our dogs are divided into two teams based on size and play types. Small breed dogs will play on our minor league team, while our larger teammates will play on our major league team!

Includes one mid-day nap break, as well as indoor and outdoor time with teammates. All pets must go through a try out to ensure they are the right fit for our team!

Half Day Field Pass


A great option if you want your pup to have some group play time for a few hours a day. Bring your pet to us for the morning or afternoon for practice time with their teammates.

Season Ticket Holder

$35/day, +$25/month

A subscription-based sign-up option. Once your pet completes their try out, you will be given the option to become a season ticket member. The sign up is $25/month and you will receive $5 off for every Single Day Field Pass purchased that month (normally $40/visit). This is a great option if your pet is an all-star teammate frequently.

Try out & play ball!

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