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About DogTowne

DogTowne is a new concept in Dog Care offering day, night and at-home care for your favorite pup. From a single-day field pass to a season ticket, DogTowne offers canine care that fits your schedule. With a focus on team play, our pups are well-socialized and encouraged to be themselves. A homerun is a tired, happy pup!

About Our Owner, Julia

Growing up, Julia spent long days at the baseball field watching her dad coach her older brothers. She sported the team logos and learned all the cheers. Although not on the team itself, her time at the field allowed her to develop an appreciation and love for the sport. Julia has been an animal lover since the day she was born. Surrounded by dogs her whole life, you never found her at the fields without one. In 2015, she lost her horse after her horse gave birth to a beautiful baby that Julia named Fenway, which connected her love for animals with her love for baseball.

Her passion for animals and their care developed throughout her high school and college years. Life threw a curveball her way and she decided to combine her two loves to open DogTowne. DogTowne is a place where all dogs can be an all-star. Her goal is to develop a team that provides a safe and comforting environment for all dogs to enjoy playing ball.



If your ballplayer is a little too old to hang out with other teammates all day or likes to stay in the comfort of their home, one of our field coaches can set aside a time to come to them! We are happy to send your pup their own care coach who can work with you to design a playbook that fits their needs.


All our coaches here at DogTowne are trained in First Aid and CPR. They received their certifications from K9 Educators.


All our all-star dogs are required to go through a try-out before joining DogTowne. This leaves for safe and comfortable socializing among all of our teammates. Socializing your dog is important as it can help with several behavior tendencies, such as separation anxiety.



Julia Moura

Field Manager/Owner

Julia is our owner here at Dogtowne. She grew up in Lakeville, MA and graduated from Apponequet Regional High School in 2018. Following high school, she attended Boston University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology degree. Growing up, Julia has been surrounded by animals. Her family always had several dogs in their home, and you always find her with a dog by her side.

During her middle and high school years, she assisted her mom with her business, Bittersweet Labradors. Bittersweet Labradors bred Labrador Retriever puppies. During this experience, she was able to learn several aspects of puppy health and care.

She previously was employed at Veterinary Urgent Care Center in Plymouth, MA working as a Veterinary Receptionist. She provided support to owners and patients and gathered knowledge and skills that will aid her in her ability to care for animals.

In her free time, you can find her at Dark Horse Training, where she keeps both her horses, Fenway and Ryder. She has been riding and caring for horses since 2007 and has competed at regional and national levels winning multiple championship titles. She enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs. She is excited to meet all-star dogs at DogTowne and their families.

Julia is Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Certified by K9 Educators.

Jenna Matheson

Field Coach

Ever since I was born, I have had a dog by my side and going forward I plan to do the same. Throughout my middle school, high school and now college years, my own dogs have inspired me to pursue a career in animal care. In 2020, I graduated from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School. After graduating, I pursued nursing for a few years, but then realized I wanted to follow my true passion, working with animals. I transferred to Unity College, where I am studying to receive my Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Health & Behavior. I have worked closely with a variety of animals as a pet sitter. Additionally, I worked at a training and boarding facility for horses, where I learned a great amount for large animal care. When I’m not hitting home runs at the ballpark with our teammates here at DogTowne, I can be found going on adventures, playing fetch in the yard or snuggling up by the TV with all my favorite dogs. I can’t wait to meet the all-stars at DogTowne!


Here at DogTowne, we offer full and partial day passes, overnight care and home visits for your pup(s)! From a few hours of care a day at our facility or your home, to a full week or more of day and overnight care, we’re ready to welcome your dog to our team!

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Why is a Try Out necessary?

Not every pet is cut out for daycare in this setting. There are numerous factors that contribute to this. Some dogs may play well with others when you are present. Some dogs may not interact well with the pack. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your pet, but a try out allows our coaching staff to determine if they are the right fit for our team. Our goal is to adapt a safe friendly environment for all dogs to play.

For a try out, we ask you to drop off your dog for a couple hours. One of our coaches will then slowly introduce your dog to our team. We start the try out in a small room where the dog can observe our play areas. Once we find the dog is ready, we will introduce your dog to one of seasoned professional dogs. They will interact and play, setting a calming tone before we then slowly integrate your dog to our larger play group. Through observation and our team’s knowledge, we will then determine if you pet is a good fit to join our team.

There is no charge for a try out.

Can I bring my dog toys?

We ask that you leave your dog’s favorite toys at home for daycare. If there is something, you would prefer they not be without for night care you are welcome to bring that for their overnight stays.

Are all vaccines required?

We require all dogs to be up to date on their rabies, distemper and Bordetella vaccines.

Do the dogs ever get a break or are they in team play all day?

All dogs get a couple hours of break time during their daycare stay with us. While some of our all-stars can run all day, we have others that burn out a little earlier. Our coaches are trained to watch for cues from your pet that let us know when they’ve had enough. If needed, we can separate the pets from the team to give them their break.

What is the difference between a Night Game and a Twilight Double Header?

We offer both boarding only (Night Game) and daycare + boarding sessions (Twighlight Double Header). Boarding is $60 per night and daycare is then $30 additional. Our normal daycare (Single Day Field Pass) full day rate is $40.
A Night Game consists of your dog having their assigned kennel, being let out every two hours, two one-on-one play sessions with our coaches and of course, night checks and feedings.
For our Twighlight Double Header pups, we replace the scheduled let-outs from their kennel every couple of hours, with your dog being able to play all day with their daycare friends. Everything else that is included in our Night Games is included in our Twighlight Double Header sessions.

What do I need to know for overnight boarding stays?

Dogs who stay overnight with us for a Night Game or Twilight Double Header session, will sleep in their own individual kennel each night. Please see the above question for the difference between a Night Game and a Twilight Double Header.

We usually recommend you bring something that smells like home. Whether that be a favorite toy or blanket. That way, your pup has the comfort of your scent with them during their stay. You are welcome to bring toys, bones and anything from home that you would like them to have inside their kennel. Most toys or things that can be eaten or choked on, will be taken out during sleep time. They will be taken at last night check at around 10:30-11PM and given back in the morning around 5:45AM.

Food will have to be provided for your pup(s). We ask you to bring food individually packed and set up for their stay. It’s highly recommended that you bring an extra bag in case travel issues arise.

If you have more than one pup staying with us, you can choose to have them stay in the same kennel if they are used to being close together, or we can place them in side-by-side kennels and can pull the divider panel from in between so they can still see each other, but aren’t in the same space.




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