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NIGHT CARE SERVICES – Opening Day: Spring 2023

Night Game


Looking to go on a quick weekend getaway or a weeklong business trip? Drop your all-star off for a night game! During the night game, we will provide standard boarding services. Your pet will be let out frequently, fed dinner and/or breakfast that you provide us with and given some one-on-one play time!

Twilight Double Header


Includes both a Single Day Field Pass and a Night Game! Your pet will play a full day with their teammates, then get to spend the night in the dugout with us. This is a great option for those all-star dogs who love both their team time and alone time.

Hall of Fame Monthly Member


Looking to join our team long term? Your dog can become a Hall of Famer at DogTowne. This membership allows for unlimited Field Day Passes and Night Games (unlimited daycare and boarding) every month. For more information on benefits of being a hall of famer call our office today.

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